What to Bring

Below is a list of items you should bring to your tax appointment. Remember everyone has very different circumstances so the items may vary…….


  • Your bank account details – account name, BSB, account number
  • Group Certificates / PAYG Summaries
  • ETP’s
  • Bank Account Interest earned
  • Cash Management Account / Managed Funds
  • Details of windfalls, inheritance
  • Details of Trust income
  • Details of Dividend income
  • Health Fund Taxation Certificate
  • Receipts for income-producing assets
  • Motor vehicle details used for work related income ie make, model, engine capacity
  • Log book, accomodation and travel
  • Details of donations, union fees, tools and self educational deductions
  • Receipts for any work related expenses
  • Income Protection and Insurance premiums
  • If you purchase or sell any assets ie shares / property / tools  bring with you contracts, invoices, legal fees, bank loan information, bank costs
  • New clients need to bring a copy of their previous years Income Tax Return

Rental Properties:

  • Income & Expenses (don’t forget your insurance premiums)
  • Tax summary from your real estate agent
  • Details of receipts for assets purchased
  • Details of private use of rental property
  • Loan statements – interest paid for the financial year
  • Repairs & Maintenance information
  • Property Depreciation Report
  • If new property is purchased/sold provide the following:
    Purchase/sale contracts
    Settlement Statements
    Commissions & fees
    Loan Details
    Rates notice